Bali ATV Ride Tandem Program

Bali ATV ride tandem

The ATV actually well knows in Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom, United States, India, and Canada. ATV used for the farm actually, but now it is becoming the tourism point of view. Tandem ride consists of captain and the stoker. The stoker is the rear rider. They are the team that will ride the control of riding the ATV ride Tandem.

The aim of doing ATV ride is not only for sport but also for enjoying holiday with the family. We can have fun with our family; it is for this kind of ATV ride tandem. The green environment in Bali will make the fun condition between our families. We will take picture and record the memorial experience with the lovely family.

Doing ATV ride tandem sport in Bali is the one great choice. Bali with its natural view has been success to attract the rider. It is done by the tourist from domestic and international who like ATV ride sport. Tandem ride is the new dimension of cycling. It allows two riders to ride together; it can be for parent to share the ride for the children. Their children are in the teenager especially. The tandem also allows the cycler to try the various kind of speed in riding.

ATV Ride tandem Program in Bali is spending USD 70 per person. The cost includes pick up service, welcome drink, professional guide, shower room, refreshment, bath equipment, restroom, and insurance.

The pickup service is divided into three sessions. They are morning, middle, and afternoon. In the morning, the pickup service held on 07.00 up to 07.45. In the middle, the pickup service held on 10.00 up to 10.45. And in the afternoon, the pickup service held on 12.00 up to 12.45.

The facilities of the riding ATV above make will be the best facilities for the participant. The professional guide will give the basic material of ATV ride tandem itself, the technique, and also the best safety of the riding.

Giving the best service for the participant is the main purpose of the instructor. The participant will be satisfied in improving the skill and getting new experience.

Obeying the instruction of the guide and doing about all requirements and steps will make the ATV Ride activity done fluently and having the best experience and also refresh the main maximally.

The best technique for tandems is from the captain that controls the bike, keep the comfort condition, and keep the stoker of course. Then for the stokers should support the captain to make the bike in balance. The stoker should obey and give the comfort suggestion for the captain.

The injuries of the riding will be decreased by having nice obey form the instructor. Some of the injuries are the rolls over, the helmet, protective eye wear, and others.

But the best benefit of this ride is for making one purpose between captain and striker who had different strength, ambition, and the ability. It is important to build solid cooperation among friends, couple, family, relative, and others. It throws the negative side of individualistic.

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