Mystical, Mysterious Trunyan Necropolis

Trunyan necropolis is located in a traditional village of Trunyan. The village stands at the foot of mount Abang, which is why the village is quite remote and isolated from the civilization. The mountain village of Trunyan is on the eastern shore of Lake Batur. People from other parts of Bali often call the Trunyanese as Bali Aga or mountain Balinese. It is because the people who live in the village are conservative; they still holding pre-Hindu way of life. That is why; tourists who visit the place will see ancient, Neolithic customs and may find that Trunyanese are very definite avoidance of outside influences.

Instead of the “Bali Aga” term, the term of “Bali Mula” or original Balinese is also often used. The term of “Mountain Balinese” is more correct, especially if we see it from a historical perspective. Namely, the Bali Aga have always occupied their own villages from choice as well as performed their unique traditional crafts and trades appropriate to the nature of the land.

Based on copper plate inscriptions that were found in one of the shrines of the Trunyan main temple, the ancient temple must be dating back to at least the 10th century AD or equal to 833 Çaka. Because of that reason, researchers believed that the mountain village itself is much older compared to the temple.

Trunyanese do not cremate their dead and it is different from elsewhere in Hindu Bali. Trunyan people treat the dead with an ancient method. First, the dead will follow a cleansing ritual with rainwater. Then, the body will be placed in a bamboo cage and put under the “taru menyan” tree. The tree only grows in the area and it has a special fragrant that can cover the smell of the deceased. The forces of nature will help dissolve the body tissues until only the skeleton remains. For the last ritual, the skull will be placed on a stairs-shaped stone altar. It is located in Banjar Kuban, which is a special place about 500 meters to north of Trunyan. People can only reach the site by boat. It is believed that the odor from the decomposing bodies is being neutralized by the Taru Menyan tree’s fragrance.  In Trunyan necropolis bones and skulls on moss-covered stairs are quite the scene, so it is definitely not for the nervous type.

However, many tourists are interested to go to Trunyan Necropolis. They saw that the traditional village offers something unique, something that cannot be found in any other places in the Island of Bali. Though many Trunyanese live with Hindu, but they still hold their ancient traditions. This place is truly special because there will be no beautiful places. This place is truly mystical, mysterious and for nervous type it could be a horror place to visit.

Visiting Trunyan is easy since many tour and travel agents in Bali Island offer special packages to the mountain village. However, it is better for you who want to go there to prepare your mentality. Make sure that you are not afraid of skulls, bones or dead bodies.

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