Bedugul And Tanah Lot Tour

Ulun Danu Temple

Bali Daily Tour – In the course of this tour, we will invite you to visit Taman Ayun in Mengwi. This temple is a major temple located on the street Mengwi surrounded by wide moat. The temple was built in 1634 has an outdoor courtyard that opens to the vast expanse of grass and can also be used for meetings, dance performances and for cockfights. You can see the high bell made of wood (Kulkul). Outer pages separated by page with the gate and from page to page in a separate central to the core gateway. On the yard there is a multitier temple (Meru), from lowest to highest. The tourists are only allowed to see the core of the courtyard outside.

The next goal is Pacung Mountain Resort and Botanical Garden. Pacung is a plateau with cold temperatures and verdant rice terraces and beautiful mountain, which is going through the village Jatiluwih and mountainous region Batukaru. Then we will continue the journey towards the Botanical Gardens (Eka Karya Botanic Garden), which covers approximately 150 hectares located on the slopes of Mount Pohen (Tree Mountain), where there are more than a thousand species of plants that can be found, for example; collection of trees, bamboo collection, the collection of orchids, palm trees, and even you can also see an amazing view of the lake Bratan.

Next destination is the Yellow temple and Fruit & Flower Market, which this place sells various types of fruits such as durian season, banana, mango, papaya, bark, avocados, green apples, strawberries, sweet corn, coffee powder, peanuts and tembuh various types of vegetation. For of vegetables and flowers they offer a carrot, rose, citrus, orchids and others. The market also offers a variety of crafts such as paintings and textiles. even in this place we can also buy a rabbit.

We will continue our trip to Bedugul (Bratan Lake) which is often known as Ulundanu Temple. The temple is dedicated to Lord lake or water God (God Danu). In the 17th century King Mangwi built this temple. This temple is an important temple because it is always used for ceremonial Nyegara Mount. If we want to enjoy the scenery around the lake, we can hire a speed boat.

Once satisfied visited Bedugul, now is the time we visited the Fruit Bats and Monkey Forest (Bedes kedaton) situated in the western part of Pura Taman Ayun located in Massy village, Tabanan area. In this forest there are 500 monkey populations and also Alas Kedaton Temple.

The final destination of the tour program this time is the Tanah Lot temple, the temple is located on a small rocky island. Imam Nirartha Java has been built this temple in the 16th century. In the vicinity of the temple built many temples, like the Temple Hair Siwi, Pura Pulaki and Pura Ponjok Batu.

You will enjoy the beautiful panorama of some of these sights is USD 36 for per person (participants who took at least 2 people). The price includes a free car facilities are equipped with air conditioning and gasoline, Tour Guide (who speaks English, German and French), and cold drinks as well as entrance fees to tourist attractions. The price does not include private accommodations, food, and tips as well as additional costs that may be required for optional activities.

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