Bali Becomes The Second Best Island in The World

Bali is the second Best Island in The World

Bali News – Bali Island is awarded as being the best second island in the world and first in Asia. The natural beauty, culture, and society become a decisive factor to make Bali as the winner

The award is given by Travel Leisure Magazine in 2015. The magazine gave a high score to Bali. The score of Bali is little bit thin from Maldives, Tasmania, and also Hawaii.

The first ranking World ‘s Best Awards, still dominated by the Galapagos Islands in Ecuador. Although located away 600 miles to the west of South America, the Galapagos is known to have beautiful white sand and the flora and fauna that is still awake. Galapagos has natural beauty to attract the world tourist visit there.

Bellow is the following rank in the World:

1. Galápagos Islands – Equador (score: 90.82)
2. Bali – Indonesia (score: 88.98)
3. Maldives (score: 88.53)
4. Tasmania – Australia (score: 88.32)
5. Santorini – Yunani (score: 87.93)
6. Moorea – French Polynesia (score: 87.90)
7. Maui – Hawaii (score: 87.89)
8. Kauai – Hawaii (score: 87.88)
9. Great Barrier Reef – Australia (score: 87.31)
10. Malta (score: 86.90)

The following rank in Asia:

1. Bali – Indonesia (score: 88.98)
2. Maldives (score: 88.53)
3. Phuket – Thailand (score: 79.22)

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