Tulamben Dive Program

Tulamben Dive

Tulamben Dive
– It is fact, that the foreign tourists do the dive sport in Bali. It is because Bali is famous with the beautiful beach with the friendly wave. So they like to dive in some beach of Bali. Almost all of Beaches in Bali are becoming the favorite place of diving. The tourism gets double experience. It is because the beach of Bali usually used for enjoying, sunbathing and diving. The diving is done for exploring the source of the Bali itself, especially its world water. They can enjoy the water world by diving. The tourist will not spend their time only lying and enjoying the view of the land only, but they want to have the best experience in enjoying the water view through diving activity. They can see and enjoy the water world in the Beaches of Bali that is famous with the naturally water world. The beautiful beach and great view of Bali make the tourist from domestic and international want to come and come again.

The one of the best place in Bali where is appropriate for having diving is Tulamben Beach. It is the small area in the north-east of Bali. Tulamben is becoming the one of best diving area in Bali. It is near with the Mount Agung. It is the result of eruption of this month. The name of Tulamben itself is “Batu” means “Stone”. Almost 100 divers enjoy this site in each day.

It is the best place for diving because of the best view. It is the historical site. Why? Because in this diet, there was a USAT Liberty’s ship had shipwreck on the World War II. The ship lay on the 5-30 meters on the sea and it made a beautiful coral. Te divers can see the best coral in there. After the ship accident, the eruption of Mount Agung throws the eruption stone and makes the coral more beautiful. The coral is becoming the home of sea life. The combination of great coral and sea life is the perfect view.

Tulamben is very popular among the international divers. Tulamben has exotic photographic also. The divers can enjoy the view and take it as the memorial picture. The dive program in Tulamben, the tourist should pay USD 125 per person. They will get free pick from Nusa Dua, Jimbaran, Kuta, Sanur, and Candidasa. Then they will also get land and sea transportation, dive tank, lunch, professional guide, weight belt, equipments, and insurance.

Dive in Bali  is the best experience. The tourist will visit again to Bali. The exotic of the beach and also the tropical fishes makes the world sea of Bali’s beach the becoming the best view. The tourist can make the best experience in diving. They enjoy the view and get the best sport through diving in the Bali’s beach.

On October and November is the best time for having dive activity because of the nice weather. Beside on May to July is also best time. It is the time of southeast monsoon.

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